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GanjaVIP - is a famous seedbank specializing in the development of unique cannabis varieties based on the rare landraces of Indica and Sativa. The assortment of the seedbank includes autoflowering feminized and photoperiod feminized cannabis hybrids. All strains are named after the famous Marvel comic book superheroes. The qualities of the characters are surprisingly reflected in the appearance of the plants and their effect. Today, the seedbank team offers customers 15 varieties of cannabis, characterized by an unpretentious disposition, excellent flavoring qualities and high yield. Growing cannabis with seeds from Ganja VIP will be simple and troublesome.


  1. Promotions, discounts, bonuses, promotional codes from GanjaVIP

    In this topic, forum participants will be able to find out about promotions, announced bonus programs, discounts and promotional codes provided by the famous Ganja VIP seedbank. Stay tuned and keep up to date with pleasant discount events.

  2. Assortment Questions

    In this topic, you can ask questions from the Ganja VIP seedbank administration regarding the range of goods. The seedbank team currently offers customers 15 varieties of cannabis. In their piggy bank there are autoflowering feminized hybrids, as well as photoperiod feminized hemp seeds. The founders of the seedbank assured us. that the assortment will be replenished over time, so keep your finger on the pulse so as not to miss the news.

  3. Questions about the work of the store, orders

    This topic was created specifically for customer questions regarding the work of the Ganja VIP seedbank. Here you can learn about the features of delivery and methods of payment for goods, as well as make constructive suggestions and suggestions for improving the work of the store.

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